A film by  Sarah Mathilde Domogala

Photography  Wiro Felix

Sound  Victor Horstink

Assistant director  Thijs Beukers

Edited by  Axel Skovdal Roelofs

Sound design Evelien van der Molen and  Jan Willem van den Brink

Online  Robin Hancock

Grading  Joppo in de Grot

Graphic design  Sander Brouwer

Commissioning editor VPRO  Barbara Truyen

Production manager  Olivia Sophie van Leeuwen

Executive producer  Estelle Bovelander

Producers Gijs Kerbosch and Menna Laura Meijer


Daniel Roozendaal, Mireille de Koning, Niki Mens, Emiel Steenhuizen


Anne Barnhoorn, Dennis Duijnhouwer, Kaspar van Lierop, Ernest Mistiaen,

Maurice Seleky, Gitta Sluijters, Sara Woods en Rogier van der Zwaag

The idea for this documentary was developed during the IDFA documentary workshop organaised by the international documentary film festival Amsterdam in colalboration with the media fund, and the film was awarded the media fund prize documentary 2008.

This film was supported by the Dutch cultural broadcasting fund.

A 100%Halal / Mint Film production in co production with VPRO.